Is Freebie Trading a Real Way to Work From Home?

Many people are still on the fence as to whether freebie trading is a real work from home business or not. The fact of the matter is that people have been making money with this type of business for over 10 years now. And they have made a lot of money doing it. Let’s go over what exactly freebie trading is.

This whole system works off of fortune 500 companies like the following who want to pay to have people test their products.


The list of high profile site go on and on. They want you as a customer and they are willing to pay the freebie companies for this. So you sign up for a freebie site and try one of their fortune 500 trial offers. They in return pay you a small amount of that money when you refer others to do the same.

So let’s say a freebie company is going to give you $60 for each person you refer to them who completes the trial offer requirements. Would you be willing to pay that person who is doing that for you $30 for doing it? The person signing up for you makes $30 and you also make a $30 profit. So as you can see this is a win win for everyone involved.

As you can see you can make some really decent money in a very short amount of time. All you have to do is find people to sign up under you. But the good thing is there are actually freebie trading forums out there that are filled with members who would love to do just that for you.

10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online now a days. However, that is the problem. There are so many different ways to make money money that it is so hard to tell which ones are the right ones, and which ones are the scams. So here is our top 10 list.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Youtube – There are people making money with Youtube every single day. Many of them are making thousands of dollars every single month. If you are good at making intriguing videos then this could be a great way for you to make some money. It does take a lot of time and patience though. You must make videos on a weekly basis. If there is something out there that you are very knowledgeable about then I would make your youtube videos about that. It is much easier to do a videos on a weekly basis about things you love.

2. Affiliate Marketing – This you can do with your website and with youtube. You can market whatever it is you want to sell on both of those sites as well as social media. There are so many different programs out there that you can market it’s not even funny. Most of them are legit. If you like video games, then I would try to market things in that niche.

3. Fiverr – This is another option. If you have some kind of skill you can sell it on this website for $5. You would be surprised at how much money you can make if you are selling a bunch of what you do every day. I have personally bought quite a few different things off of there. I have bought logos and promotional videos for my websites before. If you have any kind of skill at all I am sure you can come up with something unique.

4. Easy Payday Revolution – This is one of the only online systems that I have had success with that you do not have to get your own traffic. The website provides traffic for you, but of course you can make even more by bringing your own traffic to it. This is something you can do in your free time at home.

5. Answer Questions – There are sites out there that actually pay you money to answer questions. If you are proficient in a certain field then you could make a decent amount of money off of them.

6. eBay – We all know about this one. Thousands of people are making money right at this very minute and every second after that. You can buy things a yard sales and sell them online. Another friend of mine goes to storage auctions. He will buy a storage locker and then go on ebay and sell every last item on there. You would be surprised what people will actually buy on there.

7. Craigslist – If you have not heard of this site then you are really missing out. It is like ebay but better. You can buy and sell stuff online. The only difference is that they do not take a huge cut of your money like ebay does. So you get to do business on here for free.

8. Facebook Groups – This idea is exactly like craigslist and ebay where you buy and sell stuff for a profit. However, Facebook groups have become huge. What I normally do is search for “CITYNAME BUY SELL TRADE” and then some really great groups will come up. I am seeing people making money online doing this more and more. You buy low and sell higher than you bought it for.

9. Social Media Marketing – If you are one of those people who are great at social media then you could actually be hired by others. Many business’ out there want a social media precense but simply do not have the time to be on there every day. If you could find 5-6 small business’ near you who could use the boost then you could make a decent amount of cash. In reality it really does not take all that much time to make a few posts for each of them throughout a day. Once, you have proven what you can do you may even have more people trying to hire you.

10. Writing Articles – If you are an avid writer then there are many opportunities for you. There are hundreds of thousands of people making money online every day from their blogs. Many of them hire content writers. Every blog gets their traffic from their articles. So if you can be a persuasive writer then you can make a bundle of money. You can demand anywhere from $5-$40 per article or more depending only our skill set.

Easy Payday Revolution – Work from Home Opportunity

Have you been looking all over the internet for a work from home job? Well if you have not checked out Easy Payday Revolution yet, then you are really missing out.

Easy Payday Revolution is a new system that lets you make money from the comfort of your home. If you do not make money within 48 hours with their system then they will pay YOU $200. So what do you have to loose?

You can gain access to the site by completing a free trial offer or paying $20 via Paypal. Once you have completed your free trial offer you will then get an email saying you now have access to the members area of the site.

The members area of the site is going to give you all the details about how the system works. They lay it out step by step and they even give you nice videos to make sure you understand every single part of it. Once you think you have a grasp on how it works just hit the Mentor tab in the navigation. From there you can contact your mentor.

Your success is truly your mentors success. When you make money, they make money. So they are there to help you and make sure you do everything right. They are there for you no matter how little your question may be. They have been through this process themselves so they know how it feels to be new too.

When you are with your mentor is when you start to make your money. And if you don’y they are going to pay you. So really what do you have to loose? You get access to the site for free, so the only thing you are possibly loosing is a little bit of time. So you may as well give it a try.

You get paid $5 for every referral you send to them that gains access to the site. This is a very high payout, but they wanted to make referring people to Easy Payday Revolution as valuable as possible. So, they have done something truly unique that has NEVER been done before.

For every referral you send there, you get $5 PLUS you get to be their mentor. Is that unique, or what? So, not only do you make money from the $5 but you will make 4-8 times that amount being their mentor. They set out to make this the most valuable referral program out there, and I think that is what they have done.

So, can you make a second income with Easy Payday Revolution? Is it a Scam? The exact opposite actually! If you’re not in there now, then you are really missing out. This is my Easy Payday Revolution Review and I approve and recommend them.